Walking the golden girls …

finally, cool days are more common in our first weeks of fall and walking the goldens is very pleasant. we see so many dogs and their people, always sharing a smile and waving (with or without their doggy bag). just yesterday we saw our old friend who i like to call jogging jesus … he is fun to see, shirtless and in great shape but also long hair and somehow reminds me of jesus. maybe i’m just seeing things and should cut back my hours of walking. the puppies would prefer it. today was a short walk, i shared my website information with Bob (hi Bob!) and decided to write again. being back at a job outside of my home has created many mixed feelings and i hope to express them here and through my music.

today is a good day. i may submit more songs to the film music network. I feel someday i will get a break and my music will be in a film or tv show. several internet websites and documentary films have used my music, so its a start.

i am putting it out there today, to the universe, that i want my music in a movie. until that happens, i will continue to listen to my own tracks that help me with my long walks, give me a chance to express all those thoughts and feelings that overflow in my head, and help to calm all that is in upheaval.

until next time,

warmest regards,

cari live

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